Our Guide to Abu Dhabi

Dear fellow travelers,

As I told you in a previous post, I’ve spent a day in Abu Dhabi: I took a day trip from Dubai. We booked this tour with Viator and were quite happy with that, even though part of the program was touristy and less interesting, like the visit to the Ferrari World theme park (I am absolutely not interested in that…even though I’m Italian! 😄). However it was the easier solution, instead of renting a car and driving in the chaotic big highways of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

So here is a list of must do in Abu Dhabi:

Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This is without a doubt the most important attraction of the city. The mosque, completed in 2007, is the biggest of the Emirates and among the most iconic in the world. It is really worth a visit and will surely leave you speechless. Visiting hours are available here: be careful and consider the Ramadan and Friday changes. It is important that you respect the mosque dress code, or you won’t be allowed to enter the site. Guys, you just have to avoid shorts and tank tops, but you can wear jeans and a tshirt. Girls, for us it’s a bit more complicated: no shorts, no short skirts, no tshirts and no skinny jeans. I suggest you to wear a long loose dress with a light cotton shirt (to be comfortable and not too hot) and a scarf.

Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque

This iconic attraction is dedicated to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, the man who mainly contributed to the foundation of the United Arab Emirates and has been the ruler of Abu Dhabi and President of the UAE till 2004. The mosque is a tribute to this visionary leader who believed that nothing was impossible. The idea behind the project was to express cultural diversity and union: materials and artisans from all over the world took part in the construction of the mosque. And the result is of pure beauty and harmony!

Take a walk along the Corniche. It is the promenade that runs from the Emirates Palace Hotel to the fish market. From there you can enjoy Abu Dhabi skyline as well as the beach. From the Corniche, you can also admire the stunning building of the Fairmont Marina Residences, a complex of luxury apartments, that is the city’s answer to the Atlantis hotel in Dubai. From the promenade, you can also have access to the Marina Mall, the main shopping center in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi skyline from the Heritage Village

Visit the Heritage Village. Along the Corniche, you can also find the Heritage Village, a reconstruction of an ancient oasis village of the Emirates, that allows visitors to understand the way of life in the desert, with campfires and tents. There are several small museums that present and explain the history of the region thanks to old pictures and objects. You can also find workshops where craftsmen show the manufacture of typical products, such as pottery, textile and metal objects.

Enjoy the modern skyline. Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi offers a modern and fascinating architecture. Among the most famous, there are the Ethiad Towers, a complex of 5 tall skyscrapers, the Aldar building, the Capital Gate and the Emirates Palace.

I think that in a day trip you can visit the main attractions of the city. If you have visited it, do you have any other suggestions? Comment below!

And go Eat the Road!


One thought on “Our Guide to Abu Dhabi

  1. I’ve never visited, but I would love to some day! I think it’s super easy to get overwhelmed with what to do, especially if you’re on a tight schedule, so thanks for sharing some of the top places to visit!


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