Our Best Addresses in Venice

Dear fellow travelers,

While in Venice we enjoyed local food, Spritz and found some nice spots we would like to share with you. Here is our list of must-visit:

  • Cantina Do Spade, one of the oldest osterie in Venice, is near the Rialto Market; here you can ask for a selection of ciccheti or make your own choice. Really nice and cheap! The Italian tapas obviously need to be accompanied by a Spritz! You can ask for different versions of the famous cocktail: Aperol Spritz, Select Spritz or Campari Spritz 🙂 We recommend you to come early since there not many tables and it can get crowded, especially at weekends.

  • Osteria Al Squero is another great place to enjoy local food and cicchetti in Dorsoduro. Here you can get your selection of small toasts for a very fair price! The place is very small and frequented by locals, so it’s quite difficult to find a place, but you can still enjoy your meal sitting along the canal, just in front of the well-known Squero di San Trovaso; a Venetian squero is a shipyard where gondolas are made following the traditional artisanal rules.

  • Suso Gelatoteca : when we visited Venice it was sunny and warm, the perfect time for an Italian gelato. Suso is the most famous artisanal gelateria in Venice and we warmly recommend you to visit it! There are many original flavors and it was quite hard to decide 🙂 It’s in a small street but you’ll easily recognize it by the long queue outside.

  • Libreria Acqua Alta is surely the most surprising bookshop we ever visited. There are books piled up everywhere, in gondolas, small boats and even tubs! There is a nice view on the canal from the backyard you if step up some more books 🙂 Definitively worth a visit, especially if you are a book lover.
Libreria Acqua Alta
Libreria Acqua Alta


  • Trattoria alla Rivetta: in Venice you’ll find many expensive restaurants, the typical tourist traps, not very authentic and super crowded. We found this very nice trattoria, hidden by a bridge, not far from San Marco. We really enjoyed our meal, which was quite generous and not expensive at all! You’ll find all the typical Venetian dishes as well as some Italian classic.

Enjoy and go eat the road!


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